…. why?

I am sure whoever wonders into this site will think why someone would create a site such as this.  Well, to be honest I wanted to create something that will talk about geocaching from my perspective as well as show cool places I have visited and some cool caches I have found.  I know I will not be able to show of all of what I consider cool caches as it has been already number of years since I have stared but maybe I can show of some of the more memorable caches I found by myself but also along with my son and wife.  This website will be a work in progress for a while but I hope that anyone that comes here will be able to share some of their experiences while geocaching.  I would like to down the road add section where people can post about very interesting places they have visited and caches they found there.

If you like what you see send me a message or an email.  let me know what you think about what I am doing here and if there are any issues please let me know, I will try to correct it as soon as I can.


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